A Virtual Interdisciplinary Conference


presentations exploring the existential gravity of ageing and the art of dying

This virtual and interdisciplinary conference is generously supported by the following:
::: McDonald Agape Foundation ::: Wellcome Trust :::

Video Presentations

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Welcome Message

Nigel Biggar, PhD

Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology; Director of the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life

Morning Plenary Sessions

Prof Frits de Lange
"The Existential Gravity of Ageing"

Prof Els van Wijngaarden
"The Dark Side of Ageing"

Featured Speakers

Dr Chris Gilleard

"On Old Age"

Dr Seamus O'Mahony

"The Compression of Morbidity and Biogerontology"

Dr Ashley Moyse

"Bearing the Burdens we Bare"

Dr Christopher Wareham

"Age and Wellbeing"

Prof Lydia Dugdale

"Pandemic, Ageing, and Agency"

Afternoon Plenary Session

Prof Farr A Curlin

"Medicine and the Art of Dying Well"

Featured Speakers

Prof Katherine Froggatt and Prof Caroline Nicholson

"Reimagining ageing in the context living and dying"

Prof Tyler J VanderWeele

"Suffering and Response"

Dr Christine Lai

"Spirituality of Ageing and Integral Human Development"

Dr Michael Mawson

"Pursuing Success and Spirituality in Ageing"

Prof Autumn Alcott Ridenour

"Elderhood and Sabbath Rest as Vocation"

Dr Joanna Collicutt

"Death and Life"


All videos presented for this virtual conference event are hosted on the McDonald Centre YouTube channel.
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